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Maria Chiodo is one of the most well established couture designers in Australia, recognized for her experience and expertise in haute couture and her eye for detail and that perfect fit.

Maria Chiodo is the founder of Maria Chiodo Bridal, where she has given expression to her vision and passion for haute couture, for well over two decades. Maria continues to be the principle designer and creator of her signature gowns at Maria Chiodo Bridal.

In her own words Marias’ style is "classic, romantic, and luxurious, with a focus on individuality and quality". Maria creates dreamy gowns made using the finest fabrics with exquisite beading detail that look stunning, and feel amazing to be in.

Marias’ style is often imitated but never equalled.

Maria is an alumni of Australia's premier Sydney Fashion Technology School, recently recognized as one of the premier Fashion Schools in the world, where she graduated with Honours. As a testament to her technical skill and reputation, she taught many of Sydney's aspiring fashion designers before launching her own label over 20 years ago.

Marias’ gowns are designed and structured with the female form of real women in mind, to ensure that perfect fit. Each gown is tested to make sure it has all the elements of a perfect gown. After all it will be worn by a bride who only expects the best.

The reactions from our brides when trying on Marias’ gowns for the first time are most commonly:

  • "is that really me? I look so slim"
  • "the lace and the beading is amazing"
  • "I love the feel of the fabric"

Marias’ gowns definitely ‘make a statement’

“each and every bride who wears one of our gowns will definitely feel like a princess"